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100% Electronic invoicing

We believe success is rooted in the value delivered to those you do business with. Providing suppliers and growing businesses the best online solution for electronic invoicing is the first step in ensuring businesses of all sizes thrive on the Tradeshift platform. Suppliers willingly engage with confidence which means large corporations receive every invoice electronically.

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Free online invoicing

Here's a tip. If you want your suppliers to send invoices electronically make sure you offer them a solution that doesn't charge transaction fees. This simple value proposition is what Tradeshift was built upon. By providing a free online invoicing system to growing businesses and suppliers Tradeshift has connected 500,000 businesses on our platform.

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Free invoicing
CloudScan invoice scanning

Pioneering CloudScan® technology

Approaching problems differently and creating innovative solutions - that is what the Tradeshift platform is all about. Understanding that some businesses adopt e-invoicing more slowly than others led us to create CloudScan®. Crowdsourcing the validation of data from emails and PDF invoices, CloudScan automatically converts these documents to an electronic format - freeing employees from having to manually enter data.

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Automated onboarding

Industry leading onboarding

To best improve the business case for e-invoicing and to maximize ROI you have to reach your entire supply chain - not just the big guys. Tradeshift's supply chain management and automated onboarding technology ensures every supplier in your network receives the attention and support they need to start doing business with you electronically.

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Automate the mundane


For growing businesses, getting started with Tradeshift couldn't be easier. It's free and your account is set up in seconds. Join the hundreds of thousands of growing businesses around the world and start sending unlimited, professional online invoices to all your customers today.

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