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Meet the team making shift happen

Tradeshift is a global company with a very international team. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in London and Copenhagen, Tradeshift employs over 100 full time individuals representing more than 20 different nationalities.

Cofounders & management team

Christian Lanng
CEO, Chairman & co-founder


Mikkel Hippe Brun
SVP APAC & co-founder


Gert Sylvest
VP Platform & Tech. & co-founder


“A young Viking version of Marc Benioff.”- TechCrunch

Christian Lanng is CEO, Chairman and co-founder of Tradeshift, with the lead responsibility of shaping strategy and vision.

After his first startup at the age of 19, Christian took a position in the Danish Government where he launched its new strategy to connect with its suppliers in a different way. It’s here that he met his fellow co-founders and the priorities of the Tradeshift project were born - free, global, open.

Christian is regularly invited to speak at events around the world about how modern business needs to change and his background studying sociology broadens his perspective beyond technology alone.

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Mikkel Hippe Brun is SVP APAC and co-founder of Tradeshift, helping shape its focus on new markets and challenges on the global scale.

With an MS in Computer Science, a long career across both private and public sector has included roles as Technical Director of the 30 million Euro PEPPOL project (Pan European Public Procurement Online) and CTO and co-founder of Integrator Uniware A/S.

Mikkel has always been attracted to high impact projects with a tangible and long-lasting effect on how people do business. Upon encountering his fellow co-founders, it soon became clear that they shared the same view on eliminating artificial obstacles to progress in this area.

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Gert Sylvest is VP Platform & Technology and co-founder at Tradeshift, drawing upon years of technical experience to ensure the platform itself is right at the cutting edge of what’s possible in the areas that will be most important to users in the near and long term.

Having spent time in consulting roles at Accenture and Avanade, Gert met his co-founders while leading the technical implementation of the EasyTrade project for the Danish National IT and Telecom Agency. His technical philosophy revolves around the democratic principles that drive the internet itself - free, easy, open.

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Peter Van Pruissen


Christian Hjorth
SVP Global Sales


Stuart Wynn
SVP Global Fulfillment and Delivery


Mihir Nanavati
SVP Product


Peter Van Pruissen is CFO at Tradeshift, his latest position in a pattern of decades helping ambitious organisations excel at the most important moments in their lifecycle.

From helping Wired magazine navigate the Conde Nast acquisition to steering several startups to become sustainable and growing concerns, his experience is building the backbone that supports the rest of Tradeshift as an organisation.

As SVP Global Sales, Christian Hjorth leads the global team responsible for introducing Tradeshift to the enterprises that need it most. Taking early experience at SAP, he was instrumental in launching in the Danish market, while investing time in an MS Management of Technology.

After ten years at the forefront of understanding enterprises’ needs from advanced solutions, he has repeatedly embarked upon the transformational journey that the cloud brings right alongside the companies he has helped embrace it.

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Stuart Wynn is SVP Global Fulfillment and Delivery at Tradeshift, a position that entails leading the strategy to help Tradeshift enterprise customers integrate their systems and spread free accounts to their entire supplier base.

Having worked with many of the world’s largest companies to refine their strategy in a decade of management consultant roles, he has a holistic understanding of the challenges they face and how he configures his team and solutions to meet them.

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Mihir Nanavati is SVP Product at Tradeshift, a role that sees him supervise overall direction for the range of solutions and applications developed on top of the platform, to meet the growing range of possibilities they embrace.

Following similar product roles at Adobe and YouSendIt, his career has also involved stints focusing on areas as diverse as programming, business analysis and mentorship. Bringing together this eclectic mix, his understanding of what makes products great and the challenges to be undertaken along the way is both broad and nuanced.

John Eng
SVP Global Marketing


Lars Rolf Jacobsen
VP Strategic Finance


John Eng is SVP Global Marketing. He and his team drive Tradeshift’s awareness, brand, customer demand generation, and network growth and engagement efforts.

John has spent the last 20 years in marketing and business alliances leadership roles in internet, social networking, software, SaaS (software-as-a service), BI / analytics and cloud services businesses. He has global and local operating experience in US, Europe and Asia.

Lars Rolf Jacobsen is VP of Strategic Finance. He leads the team developing and implementing new business initiatives and is responsible for all investor related activities. Lars and his team work with internal and external stakeholders to turn vision into executable strategies, projects and initiatives.

Having worked within a leading Nordic M&A advisory firm, Lars has provided financial advisory services to enterprises and financial investors and executed a number of M&A transactions. This work has given Lars a unique skill set to evaluate companies and review business models holistically - combining strategy and value creation.