Say hello to Accounts Receivable (AR) Automation Software

Leave the grunt work to the machine and add real value with your skills

Transform your accounts receivable into a streamlined, paper-free, and cost-effective enterprise. A fully automated digital solution automates every step of your AR process. With accounts receivable automation you can ditch creating manual invoices, time-wasting payment reconciliation processes, and hunting down customers with redundant emails.

AR automation gives you a more streamlined workflow and boosts your bottom line. Simplify your life with a fully automated accounts receivable process.

Accounts receivable automation saves you, and your business, valuable time

What’s wrong with traditional accounts receivable processes?

Manual data entry

You spend hours manually creating invoices and more hours entering information about invoices sent and paid for in spreadsheets.

Hard to track late payments

Tracking late payments can take days and waste valuable time when AR information is floating between various spreadsheets, inboxes, and key stakeholders.

Inflexible payment methods

Manual AR leads to inflexible payments like checks, effectively eliminating payment options like credit, virtual credit, and bank transfers.

Too many paper invoices and errors

Too many businesses continue to send paper invoices, which can easily get lost. AndWhat’s more, traditional invoicing introduces all sorts of human errors that invalidate invoices and cause payment delays to receiving timely payments.

Why Accounts Receivable (AR) Automation Software is better for your business:

Automated workflows

Every step of the process—from invoice creation to emails and AR reconciliation—is automated, helping you reduce delays.

Reduce day sales outstanding

Cut down on day sales outstanding (DSO) and increase early payment options thanks to flexible payments and email reminders, which increase the likelihood of early payment.

Fast, flexible payment options

With accounts receivable software, you can receive payment in a wide variety of ways—from credit card, to virtual credit, and morel.

Better visibility of AR

AR automation software gives you a clear and easy-to-use dashboard that shows paid and outstanding invoices all in one place so you can take action if necessary.

Tradeshift’s industry-leading accounts payable and receivable software

Tradeshift gives you a powerful suite of accounts receivable automation tools for your business. Here’s how:

Dynamic electronic invoices

Make digital the default. Say goodbye to paper invoices and manual data entry. We provide you with dynamic electronic and professional invoice templates that you can fill out and send fast.

Quicker payments

With digital invoicing, you can cut down on your days sales outstanding (DSO). Instant invoicing means more time to work with your buyers on payment options, whether it’s early payment or dynamic discounting.

Flexible payment option

Whichever way your customers want to pay, Tradeshift supports it—whether it’s by credit card, PayPal, blockchain, or anything else.

A powerful dashboard for complete visibility

Spend less time looking at the individual status of each invoice. Tradeshift’s AR automation platform shows you a clear dashboard of every one of your invoices, paid or unpaid, letting you dig into the data.

Communicate with every stakeholder

Tradeshift’s built-in messaging tool allows you to chat directly with customers and colleagues, making invoice updates instantaneous.

Smarter reporting

Tradeshift gives you easy-to-use filters to dig into your data and export reports in XML format to support all your reporting needs.