Take control of expenses with business expense tracking

Paperless AP Automation Process

Make paper receipts a thing of the past

Travel and expense management is one of the biggest friction points in any business. Finance wants to stay on top of what’s been paid for, while employees expect to be reimbursed fast. But the current approach is a problem for everyone—finance teams struggle with endless paper receipts and expenses are hard to verify, delaying staff payment.

Business expense tracker technology provides you with an online space for staff to upload receipts for automatic processing. In just a few clicks, your finance team can approve or query expenses, reimburse employees, and keep track of all spending.

Expense management software gives you total control of spending

What’s wrong with traditional expense reporting:

Confusing paper processes

Paper receipts need to be recorded in a system and either emailed or delivered in-person. This is a slow process and the potential for missing receipts is high.

Slow reimbursement

Time spent working through paper receipts and individual claims causes employee reimbursement delays.

Narrow view of spending

Paper, emails, and spreadsheets, don’t give you a clear overall view of spending.

Slow approvals

Your staff needs fast approvals for purchases, yet traditional processes often take too long, hampering business agility.

What’s better with expense tracking software:

Streamlined digital processes

Using a mobile-friendly, online platform means staff can scan, upload, and record expenses in seconds, allowing finance teams to approve or query and sign-off payments quickly.

Fewer errors and faster payments

Electronic expense reporting reduces errors and confusion and gets your everyone paid faster.

Everything in one place

With all receipts and transactions on one online platform, there’s total insight into all requests.

Efficient expense reporting systems

With all expenses recorded in real- time on a cloud-based system, you get instant access to automatically generated expense reports that save you time and effort.

Manage spending with Tradeshift’s business expense tracker

Tradeshift’s expense tracking software gives you a whole new approach to managing business, travel and employee expenses. Using one online portal, you can access a full range of tools for every aspect of the expense management process. You can control spending and ensure reimbursements are made quickly with:

A dashboard that gives you clarity and easy-to-use chat

Tradeshift’s itemized expense management system gives you a high-level view of all expenses
while allowing you to analyze data for all your reporting needs. And when you need to query expenses, your finance
teams can talk directly with employees about specific expenses and resolve any issues within minutes.

Payment systems connections

Tradeshift’s expense tracking software connects to existing payment systems (including virtual
and corporate credit cards and banks), allowing you to reimburse employees however they choose.

Our business expense tracker app

The Tradeshift app gives your employees an intuitive experience, allowing them to scan and upload paper receipts when they need to.

Smooth integration with your existing systems

Tradeshift works seamlessly with your the expense management processes you already use allowing you to connect data easily.