Tradeshift Cash

Drive e-invoicing adoption with the promise of early payments

Meet the early payment solution that’s right for your suppliers and for accounts payable.  Our early payment program enables you to reach your e-invoicing targets by rewarding sellers with invoice payments in days, not months. It’s not supply chain financing or dynamic discounting. And it’s not magic—it’s Tradeshift Cash.

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A screenshot of Tradeshift Cash

Move your sellers to adopt e-invoicing

Unlike traditional early payment programs, there’s no paperwork, financing agreements, or red tape to cut through, giving sellers a reason to finally go digital.

Acceleration of e-invoicing adoption

Give your sellers the cash flow they need and watch how fast they get on board your digital AP solution.

Financial liquidity for buyers and sellers

Our unique early payments program offers sellers an always-on cash flow, so you can do the most with your own working capital.

Digital AP—finally

Put the push for e-invoicing adoption behind you so you can finally focus on what comes next.

How it works

Input your transaction history

Because Cash is data-driven, we use the transaction history from your ERP to establish the cost of financing for your sellers.

Notify your sellers

You’ll help sellers prepare for enrollment by simply communicating to your supply chain about our early payment program.

Start earning a revenue share

Grab a share of the revenue from each of your sellers’ transactions, which will more than cover the cost of your investment over time.

Give your supply chain the gift of Cash

Contact us to see how Tradeshift Cash can empower digital adoption in your supply chain.