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Tradeshift is making headlines.

Global supply chains are struggling to keep pace with spiking orders volumes, Tradeshift data reveals

According to Tradeshift’s latest Index of Global Trade Health, order volumes jumped 16.9% in Q1 and one in five suppliers are concerned about their ability to keep pace with demand. The strain on supply chains is particularly acute among manufacturers. Order volumes across the sector were up by 80% year on year in March, but invoice volumes grew by just 20% over the same period.

Tradeshift and Raindew Trade launch a US$1.5 billion initiative to revive supply chains in Africa

Tradeshift, a leader in supply chain payments and marketplaces launched a ZAR25 billion (“USD1.5 billion”) COVID-19 Instant Supplier payment scheme for businesses in South Africa and selected African markets in partnership with Raindew Trade, a trade and supply chain financing platform providing supply chain solutions to corporations in Africa and other selected markets.

Global trade trend activity rises sharply as recovery builds momentum

After a year of massive supply chain instability and disruptions, new data from Tradeshift’s Index of Global Trade Health points to a significant recovery in global supply chain activity, with quarterly growth rates exceeding pre-pandemic levels by 14%.

Global Trade Activity Falls 14.8% in Q2 Tradeshift Report Reveals

Global trade fell 14.8% in the second quarter of 2020 according to the latest data from Tradeshift. But evidence of an upward curve in June suggests the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic could bottom out at the lower end of the 13-32% range predicted by the World Trade Organization.