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The alliance brings leading innovators, thought-leaders and like-minded companies together to promote and enable a circular economy. Our mandate is to fundamentally change the way businesses think about and operate their supply chains and execute a shared vision for a circular supply chain.

The Responsible Supply Chain Alliance challenges its members and partners to effect a step change that will lead to the realization of a circular economy within our lifetime.


Alliance members and partners agree on the following core principles:

Companies need to accept full responsibility for the products they sell - both in terms of production, sourcing, distribution, maintenance and return flows, and their impact on people and the planet



Increased transparency and knowledge sharing across all supply chain participants is a key accelerator towards a sustainable future.

Improve collaboration in all aspects, internally within companies and stakeholders as well as between buyers, suppliers, partners, distributors, etc.



Digital collaboration between all participants of the supply chain is key to realizing the responsible supply chain.

Exponential technology spread paradigms is necessary to achieve digital supply chain adoption at scale within our lifetime.

Use of exponential technologies

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We’re looking for like-minded companies and individuals to join this alliance and really take the circular economy mainstream.

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