Tradeshift® Buy

Rethink eProcurement.
Because you don't e-procure things.
You buy them.

Freedom to find & buy anything you need

Wouldn’t it be nice if your employees could easily buy every product they need from one place? A place where suppliers manage up-to-date content that’s priced for you? Where any online purchase can be within policy?

It’s time to rethink your eProcurement platform. Welcome to Tradeshift® Buy.

Tradeshift Product Engine

It's time to kill the catalog.

Product Engine is the world’s first central, searchable product database. It spans millions of products across thousands of companies. Product Engine creates a full e-commerce experience for suppliers, buyers, and everyone in between – with your contracted prices and inventory in one eProcurement platform.

No more disconnected, difficult-to-maintain catalogs. With Product Engine, suppliers of every size can upload and manage their products for anyone to find. It’s easy for them, and you get fresh, living data.

Tradeshift Shop

Create a buying experience that's simply awesome.

Shop is a virtual store across all your suppliers and product categories. Search, browse, compare, and check-out with all the products & services available to you. Shop is powered by the Tradeshift Product Engine.

Further, Shop understands what you’re trying to buy. It asks questions to clarify, suggests options to help you buy, and gives you all the tools to rapidly complete any purchase, whether it’s from the Product Engine, a service request, a free-text order, or from any online store.

Tradeshift Collaborate

Simplify how you work together.

With Tradeshift Collaborate, your eprocurement team, suppliers, managers, and employees can chat and collaborate together within Tradeshift throughout the entire buying process.

Add people to your conversations, share product information, update pricing, and build purchase requests together with your suppliers. Communicating information and feedback that could easily be missed means you get the right order from the beginning – and lightning-quick processing times.

Tradeshift Apps

Expand your buying experience.

You can easily expand your buying experience with apps that connect to Amazon Business, Upwork, StockonDeals, and others. Apps mean you can onboard new suppliers quickly, get better quality purchases, and do more straight-through processing.

And Tradeshift® Buy doesn’t stand alone: Apps connect all your data and processes on the Tradeshift platform. Link Tradeshift Buy with Tradeshift® Pay to connect your procure-to-pay process, or add in Tradeshift® Risk to do real-time risk profiling.

See what we're talking about.
(It's pretty cool.)

Watch Neil, an office manager, create purchase requests.
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Watch Neil browse and buy from any online store and stay within policy.
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Watch Maya connect with a supplier and select products for employees.
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Watch a CFO reject a request and see how one-time-use credit cards work.
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We want you to become a strategic leader.

With Tradeshift® Buy, you can:

Innovate with your suppliers

Stop squeezing your sources — collaborate to save.

Become a trusted advisor, not the spend police

Help your requisitioners get what they need, instead of feeling like the bad guy.

Help your users, help yourself

Make it easy for employees & suppliers to do the right thing.

Jason Busch
“Tradeshift is entering the eProcurement and broader source-to-pay market as an antagonist with a radical perspective on how to improve corporate buying. We welcome Tradeshift's entrance as a procurement suite vendor, which is not just taking the road less travelled but blazing a completely new trail.”
— Jason Busch,

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