Tradeshift Procure-to-Pay.

The flexible P2P solution you need to succeed and grow

A procure-to-pay solution that doesn’t box you in

Procure-to-Pay That's Simple,
Collaborative and Effective

Tradeshift’s modern approach to procure-to-pay simplifies your day-to-day processes with our products, Tradeshift Buy and Tradeshift Pay.

Tradeshift Buy helps you procure the things your business needs. Our marketplace enables employees to buy contracted goods and services, and virtual cards help control long tail spend.

Marketplace management

Manage your own private marketplace of goods and services for employees to shop and buy through.

Marketplace search

Search private and public marketplaces with a search tool that gets smarter as you use it—empower users to get what they need faster.

Modern shopping experience

Employees can easily shop for goods and services in a private marketplace based on negotiated prices.

Services procurement

Manage your service contract spend using blanket orders with less overhead and fully compliant rate matching on invoices.


Modern, real-time, across-document chat system that leads to faster PO processing and increased adoption.


Efficient, controlled document routing gives your business the flexible compliance it needs.

Virtual cards

Control employee spending for non-contracted items by approving and generating dynamic credit cards.

“One-to-many” supplier marketplace management

Suppliers can easily publish and manage their goods and services across Tradeshift’s marketplace by loading their content once, then configuring to their customers individually

Tradeshift Pay enables electronic invoicing, helps ensure you’re compliant with global trade regulations, and prevents invalid invoices from reaching your company.

Electronic invoicing

Receive, approve, and pay invoices through a modern user experience—no need for overly complex systems that slow you down.


Smart invoice processing with reduced exceptions, so you can capture more discounts and pay on time.


7-way matching possibilities let you match invoices against everything from purchase orders to ASNs to contracts.

Document firewall

Real compliant AP automation makes sure invoices received comply with your business rules and improve touchless processing.

Legal Country Compliance

Country legal compliance across the globe, including China and India.


Modern, real-time, across-document communication and chat leads to faster PO processing and increased adoption.


Capture discounts dynamically from more than just strategic suppliers, saving more money and improving cash management.

Intelligent invoice scanning

Facilitate supplier onboarding using automatic classification and verification of an invoice from supplier-driven or buyer-driven workflows.

Benefits of our modern approach to P2P:

  • Extend or connect any system to Tradeshift-developed capabilities using our open platform
  • Use modern collaboration, embedded everywhere, to engage with employees and suppliers, facilitate the purchasing process, and resolve disputes
  • Shop in a public marketplace of goods & services, or create your own private marketplace for a streamlined sourcing and shopping experience
  • Intelligent search improves as you use the system, making it even more robust for users
  • Capture and control long tail spend, and earn rebates
  • Onboard your whole supply chain quickly and effectively for total spend management
  • Get total global compliance in the countries you operate, including China, even with changing regulations
  • Ensure consistency throughout the complete documentation lifecycle
  • Get shorter cycle times through efficient routing for all documents
  • Set up an automatic dynamic discounting program that captures discounts from a larger selection of suppliers and ensures a healthy supply chain