Shift Forward: What if you loved your commercial card program?

12 August
Online webinar
8 AM PDT | 10 AM CDT |11 AM EDT | 5PM CET

Shift Forward: What if you loved your commercial card program?

Tracking corporate and employee spend can be hard enough. But it’s even harder as companies and teams have gone remote for the foreseeable future. Whether it’s the need for work-from-home equipment or to pay an urgent invoice, passing around a corporate card doesn’t always cut it. Instead, wouldn’t it be nice to have a seamless, digital solution to easily track and approve spend across your organization?

This is the third webinar in a series that highlights the emerging trends and practices for a new world where organizations’ supply chains can thrive and grow when exposed to uncertainty. A key part of that survival is the adaptability when it comes to company spend. 

Join us for this presentation as our speakers discuss: 

  • How a virtual corporate card can create better insight into, and control over, your organization’s spend with real-time collaboration and approval tools
  • Ways to reduce the administrative burden, like end-of-month reconciliation, that typically comes with corporate card programs
  • How to see greater, immediate ROI, whether through rebates from issuing banks or just more time to focus on the work that matters

*Note: Tradeshift GO is currently available in North America with the expectation to expand into Europe in 2021

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Meet the Speakers

Doug Anderson
Product Marketing Manager, Tradeshift

Doug is a product marketing manager for Tradeshift Go. Doug’s a long-time marketer who enjoys sharing solutions with and understanding the journey of his company’s customers. Recently, he’s been a big proponent of helping customers understand how to reduce the plastic footprint of commercial cards while simultaneously extending the benefits of corporate and p-cards to employees throughout the organization

Rehana Vohra
Corporate Finance Manager, Catalent Pharma Solutions

Rehana has been with Catalent for 15 years and has utilized the TSGO Platform for about 6 months. “I am looking to expand the capabilities with Catalent to a non-plastic card options which is what TSGO provides.”

James Liu
Accounting Manager, Catalent Pharma Solutions

James has been with Catalent Pharma Solution since 2018.
“As our organization continue to grow, I am seeking more efficient approaches to improve our Procurement and AP functions. TSGO has appeared to me as a suitable solution to reduce our reliance on purchase order (PO).”

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