Collaboration: The key to simple, high-performance P2P

The future of P2P is changing. Register for the webinar to see what a sophisticated, simple and intuitive solution looks like.

Thursday, 15 September 2016
11AM ET 15:00 UTC

11AM ET 15:00 UTC
Thursday, 15 September 2016

Webinar & Live Demo: The key to simple, high-performance P2P

Procure-to-pay in many organizations is changing rapidly from an outdated, dysfunctional and highly under performing process to one that is connected, collaborative and aligned with business objectives. As a process, P2P has emerged as one of the most collaborative business areas and this is both a challenge and an opportunity.

In order to grow and thrive a P2P program requires tight procurement / AP alignment as well as rapid (and sustained) user and supplier adoption. Increasingly, these groups rely upon technology to establish and strengthen a collaborative partnership and simplify the user experience. Overall, in order for businesses to drive faster, more cost-efficient business changes, they must promote greater internal and external collaboration across the P2P process.

Join us to:
– Learn exactly why past solutions have been ineffective
– Understand how collaboration across P2P can impact performance
– See what a sophisticated yet simple and intuitive solution looks like (live demo)

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