Tradeshift Buy Platform Demo

May 29, 2019
Online Webinar
10:00 AM PST

10:00 AM PST
May 29, 2019
United States

Striving for system efficiency is a common goal. We want our platforms to perform exactly how we expect and then some. Introducing: Tradeshift Buy.

Tune in for an exclusive demonstration of Tradeshift Buy where you’ll learn how to:

  • Manage your marketplace offerings in a central place, with custom pricing and options for each buyer or marketplace.
  • Aggregate offers from your sellers or marketplace, controlled and managed to the enterprise’s needs
  • Give everyone in your organization the power to buy what they need, for any kind of spend, across any marketplace
  • See and control all spend, with intelligent recommendations for optimizing your cost structure.
  • Connect any number of sellers and buyers, based on your brand and your T&Cs, with full access control

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