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Procurement, payables, supplier management—and the only open network that’s simple for employees, free for suppliers, and agile enough for you.

Tradeshift Overview

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Why We’re Different

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Moving the back office forward.

The future of procurement is collaborative. Tradeshift helps you move beyond silos with a truly innovative global platform. Connect once to all your employees and suppliers, and expand your procure-to-pay processes with flexible apps that don’t lock you in.

400%+ Growth in
Supplier Accounts

We’ve focused on suppliers from the start. Innovative supplier targeting + free for suppliers + modern integration = high adoption rates.

800,000+ Businesses

Our worldwide network is expanding fast with buyers and suppliers from nearly every country collaborating through Tradeshift.

Billions in Monthly Transactions

The platform handles billions of dollars in transacted value each month, with 250% year-over-year growth in 2015 alone.

We understand your needs.

From future-proofing your supply chain to automating invoices, we've got you covered.
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You’re the boss. Use Tradeshift’s digital platform to connect & optimize your complex supply chain and related B2B processes.

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You collaborate across a wide range of teams and suppliers. Reach your savings goals and help your business become more agile.

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You create order from chaos. Streamline your processes & ease change management with a single point of collaboration.

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You’re more than just the money. Make finance cost-effective while maintaining compliance & reducing risk.

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You keep the AP engine running smoothly. Turn manual, disconnected transactions into beautifully automated processes.

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You know your systems better than anyone. Reap the benefits of our efficient, cloud-based platform for years to come.

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Free for suppliers

Onboard fast & collaborate in real time with your entire network.
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Powerful Apps

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Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is +53. Whatever you need, we listen.

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