Ada, an AI Layer on the Tradeshift platform

Ada is one smart cookie, and she learns fast.

Ada can help you work smarter and faster

See how Ada helps Bob Parker complete tasks and get what he needs at lightning speeds.

Ada Helps

Bob has general questions and needs some help understanding the procurement process, clarifying budget status and searching for a specific item. Bob simply asks Ada questions within the chat interface.

Ada, having knowledge about Bob, his company and their preferences, provides him with instant information.

Ada Suggests

Bob has been asked to approve a purchase. However, he recalls a similar request from the same employee. Bob simply asks Ada to verify

Ada Facilitates

Bob loves using the collaboration tool, Slack. Fortunately, so does Ada. Bob needs approval for a virtual card so that he can buy pizzas for his team meeting.

Ada facilitates this request by getting
approval from his manager and requesting the virtual card.

Ada transforms all your decisions into the best decisions

Guided buying, quick access to data with effortless reporting, and smart recommendations to work smarter, faster, and save more money.

Tradeshift CEO Christian Lanng on CNBC discussing AI and Banking Fintech


Make commerce simpler, faster, and smarter.

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