Tradeshift® Go


Get the convenience and speed of a credit card with the visibility and control of a procurement system.

Capture, manage, and gain visibility into spend not managed by procurement

Get a simple, real-time, collaborative process that makes it easy for users to get pre-approvals

Complement your existing procurement and accounts payable systems and processes

Shrink number of invoices processed and master data maintenance with a single credit card statement

How much does it cost you to process a low-dollar invoice?

How quickly can you bring in “emergency” products and services or fulfill expedited requests??

Tradeshift Go is a lightweight, collaborative virtual credit card solution for purchasing and payments. Go is great for all your long-tail purchases that are too small to be managed by procurement or too infrequent to be efficiently processed in a catalog system.

Simple requests

An employee creates a request from any device to make a purchase or pay an invoice. Fields are customizable so you can collect as little or as much information as you need.

Collaborate on approvals

Employees and approvers can quickly communicate in real-time about the request.

Convenience of a card

Once a request is approved, an encrypted virtual card number is sent to the employee with a spend limit. The employee uses the card to make the purchase or pay the invoice.

Track your spend

The purchase request has the information you need to identify the spend and tie it to the right accounting code.

Earn rebates

Your company receives rebates from the card company, based on a percentage of spend.

More Benefits

With Tradeshift Go, you can also:

Get immediate ROI with rebates from issuing banks and extend DPO on payments, but not at the expense of suppliers
Go works on mobile
— employees can make purchase requests from any device, anywhere
Manage against a budget or project and track spend
Reduce process overhead
— no need to create master records in purchasing systems
Turn procurement from a cost center to a profit generator with rebates

Tradeshift Go Partners

American Express - Tradeshift GO

Go is fast and easy to implement: just set up users, coding, and cards to get started.