Long tail spend management everyone can love

Paperless AP Automation Process

Limit your tail spend without limiting your employees

Many organizations struggle with two bad choices when it comes to managing tail spend—either accept you don’t know what
employees are buying or impose strict policies that make them feel like you don’t trust them. Long tail spend
management software provides a third and better choice.

Tail spend management tools support your organization’s direct and indirect spend management by giving you a real-time,
digital way to track, control, and approve purchases of low-cost goods and services without having to introduce complex
approval processes.

A new approach to long tail spend management

Why traditional indirect and direct spend management methods don’t work:

Clunky PO processes

Staff has to deal with slow PO systems just to buy a one-off, inexpensive item.

Delayed approvals

Staff want to make quick decisions and buy goods swiftly. PO approvals frustrate your employees and delay the process.

Rampant maverick spend

Extensive approval processes make maverick purchases a better option for your employees.

Limited data

Despite tail spend representing significant outgoing percentages organizations have little or no spend data.

Why tail spend management software is better for your business:

100% visibility into your processes

A digital tail spend system automates large parts of the approval process, giving you full data on spend.

Faster approvals

Once the long tail spend process is automated, finance departments can not only view
purchases more easily but can approve (or deny) them in minutes.

No more maverick spend

Employees are much less likely to consider non-approved expenditure when purchases are approved in just a few clicks.

Discover new savings opportunities

When you can see where your tail spend is going, you can make better decisions and discover new savings opportunities.

Go agile with Tradeshift’s long tail spend management software

Let Tradeshift simplify your long tail spend management. We have a range of tools that help you manage your tail spend without the headaches. Here’s how:

Wide range of supported apps

Tradeshift’s tail spend management platform integrates easily with many other leading spending tools, credit cards, and banks—so however your teams want to spend, we’ve got you covered.

Full visibility and control, intuitive for staff

With all purchases conducted through a central platform, your finance and accounts teams have a comprehensive view of all spend. And employees can make purchases quickly and efficiently without having to submit an approval request.

Digital card to facilitate spend

With Tradeshift Go, your approved staff and procurement teams can use digital credit cards to make purchases.

Report on spend

With all the data on long tail spend, you can compile comprehensive reports for your organization.