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Company Description
Girteka Logistics is one of the leading companies offering full load haulage in Eastern EuropeGirteka has more than 4,000 employees with 90 per cent of them employed as drivers. We own more than 1,500 vehicles all conforming to the Euro 5 emissions standard.Having started transporting freight on international routes in 1996, Girteka has grown into a group of companies able to offer high quality and wide ranging logistics services. We are now a rapidly-growing player in the international logistics business having gained a high degree of confidence from our customers and partners. Our success in the logistics market has been driven by a constant focus on customer needs, very high quality standards, the setting and achieving of goals. A combination of quality, performance and flexibility have resulted in several partnership operations with major companies in Russia and across Europe and the development of a regular network of routes. Ongoing investment in new vehicles and new technology ensure that we continue to offer quality and efficiency, giving both Girteka and its customers a competitive advantage. Improvements in technological processes also mean that we are always enhancing the efficiency of our services without having to increase staff or materials. We use the latest technology to control and manage all of our processes from freight transportation and warehousing to reporting. We put in place interfaces between ours and customers' business-to-business (B2B) systems.