Streamline payments and reconciliation with American Express and Tradeshift

Gain control and visibility over employee spend

American Express provides simple and rewarding Business and Corporate Cards solutions for your organization, and Tradeshift offers innovative technology for powering flexible payments to gain control and visibility.

Get the convenience and speed of Tradeshift Go approval process with the safety and security of American Express.

Our Solutions

Tradeshift Go

Powered by American Express, Tradeshift Go works with American Express® Card programs to offer employees virtual Cards with a pre-approval workflow for making spot buys, digital purchases and even payments to ad-hoc sellers — all while earning rewards for their business. It’s easy to get started because Tradeshift Go complements the Card program you’re using today. All transactions made with Go flow directly into your monthly American Express statement for easy reconciliation.


With Tradeshift Go + American Express, you can:

  • Add powerful new dimensions to your American Express Cards, so that you can illuminate and manage employee and team spending
  • Provide employees in every team across the organization with a secure, easy-to-use payment method they will actually like
  • Turn POs and processes into a single monthly credit card statement of approved purchases
  • Reduce credit exposure while eliminating liability and fraud risk
  • Get immediate ROI with rewards from American Express and extend DPO on payments, but not at the expense of suppliers
  • Go is fast and easy to implement: just set up users, coding, and Cards to get started


About American Express Global Commercial Services

Through our Global Commercial Services division, American Express offers powerful backing and support that helps companies of all sizes gain financial savings, control and efficiency. We provide a suite of payment and lending products, solutions for travel and everyday business spending, cross border payments, global currency solutions, and business financing.

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