Modernize your procurement with purchase order software

Paperless AP Automation Process

Automate every step of PO approval and increase the speed of your business

Your teams constantly need to issue POs for orders on the goods and services your business needs. Purchase order
systems have remained very much the same despite digital innovation, meaning slow PO approval, missed opportunities and
even maverick spend. By using smart workflow automation, purchase order software aims to modernize those outdated processes.

Join the revolution in digital purchase order technology

What’s wrong with traditional purchase order and invoice processes:

Slow PO approvals

When PO approvals need to be sent by email or even fax, it can take days or even weeks for them to be approved—leaving everyone frustrated.

Spending without approvals

If staff think it will take too long to get a PO approved, they may go outside the system and order goods and services without correct approval.

No visibility

Once employees send off a PO approval request, they lose insight into the application process, meaning they’re giving blind order arrival estimates.

Reduced agility

Traditional PO processes are slow, holding businesses back from quick decision making.

What’s better with electronic purchase order software:

End-to-end automation

Each step of the PO approval process is automated, with requisitions and reminders sent to accounts and forwarded
immediately to the supplier when approved.

Approved spending

With a more efficient, transparent process, staff are less likely to break the rules.

Total transparency and tracking

Track the PO process at every stage to see whether it’s been approved, if the supplier has received it, and if they’ve
delivered by the agreed date.

Full reportability

With every step in the process tracked, your PO approval process is completely reportable.

Tradeshift’s purchase order software speeds up business

As the world’s largest B2B marketplace, Tradeshift provides your organization’s procurement teams with state-of-the-art
PO automation. We’ve worked hand in hand with major corporations and SMBs around the world to develop flexible, smooth,
and simple purchase order software.

Reduce PO approval times

With our smart PO approval workflows, you speed up the entire process dramatically – our customers typically see PO
approval times drop.

Achieve more flexibility

Every organization is different, so we designed our system to be flexible and dynamic, letting you build in all the
approval steps you need.

Get total transparency through your purchase order tracking system

Tradeshift’s platform has a systematic user interface, so all stakeholders can monitor the progress of a PO clearly.

Speed reporting

Our platform has the tools to explore all historical POs, unpack the reasons behind key PO decisions, and compile