Hear from some of the happy suppliers on the network.

Jack Stein
United States

Hello tradeshift. Good to see you finally the face behind the great platform called tradeshift. I love Tradeshift for many reasons. First of all I started back in 2015 2016 I think. Um It's just a pleasure. It's quick, easy. The layout is very friendly. Um I put in the information most of the time, you can see the information from before. So all I have to do is put the first two or three letters and numbers and it's right there Uh you press enter, it's they're typically to do a full invoice takes me about 30 seconds. That is about invoicing uh going further from there. What I love is a few hours later I get a message email telling me that it was delivered once it was delivered few hours later maybe the same day maybe the next morning um Our final payment that it was accepted after it was accepted. I get the favorite email that the english has been processed and the payment is being made to my account. Yeah me and when I get paid fast that's good. White when I get paid faster I have better cash flow. I pay my own vendors much faster when I pay faster. First of all I deduct some percentage and I can get better prices. Number two. I am the vendors favorite guy who's paying right away. They love me, they love me they give me first priority. So it's a win win and tradeshift is very good. I wish many other places did the same thing and I don't have to chase after them uh for my money anyway, thank you very much. Looking forward for good working, lasting, everlasting relationship. Thank you very much.

Michael Falkson
Kairos Project Management Solutions
South Africa

So my name is Michael. I run a small little consultancy in Durban, South Africa and uh, one of my biggest partners as Unilever. So working with them closely, I've been on the tradeshift portal for a while in the beginning, I was a bit nervous because everything is kind of very manual and kind of in my hands, but it's been amazing. I really have enjoyed it and I think the big one for me really has been just the, the ease at which I can get the, my cost estimates and my purchase orders sent to me and just flipping a thing into an invoice has made it super simple for me. So my invoicing process now is a cinch compared to what it was before and uh, certainly saves me a lot of time. So I really, really appreciate it.