AP Automation & Tax Compliance Webinar

A Panel Discussion with Tradeshift and Thomson Reuters

Join key influencers from Tradeshift and Thomson Reuters as they tackle key topics around AP automation and the role of e-invoicing and tax compliance in the current regulatory environment and how the two can streamline tax compliance for your business. Tradeshift and Thomson Reuters will discuss how their unique collaboration provides value to organizations around the world doing business in different regulatory regions.

Topics discussed include e-invoicing, business networks, tax compliance, AI-powered automation of invoice processing and collaboration.

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Meet our speakers


Rolf Njor Jensen

SVP, Engineering & Platform Services, Tradeshift


Kelley Lear

Vice President, Partnerships and Alliances, Thomson Reuters


Rizwan Malik

Value Engineering Global Lead – Tradeshift


Al Morataya

Senior Solution Consultant, Thomson Reuters

Capture and validate invoices. Truly digitally and compliant.

Pay takes in all your invoices digitally, regardless of the format/how your seller sent them. Be assured of business rule invoice and regulatory region tax compliance through the Pay document firewall and tax software integrations like Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE. Multi-way matching aligns invoices received with other purchasing documents, like orders and contracts. So only those that are good to go can get through. And you can process more invoices per FTE.

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