Imagine one place for all your supplier interactions.

Use Tradeshift’s platform to connect with your supply chain & optimize your financial operations.

Control your future.

Digital innovation is changing business worldwide. The technology you choose should get you to where your business is going, not to where your business has been. Tradeshift can help you and your suppliers lay the groundwork for a fast-moving, data-driven, networked future.

Control Your Future

94% of executives agree*

enterprises that fail to embrace digital transformation will quickly lose ground to competitors in coming years.

*Accenture report, Dec 2014 “Disrupt or be Disrupted: The Impact of Digital Technologies on Business Services” A Study of Digital’s Impact on Business Services

Transform your processes.

Improve end-to-end process performance, cut costs more quickly, manage risk and add long-term value with an automated business-to-business platform. Tradeshift helps regulate your costs & risk by optimizing your financial and supply chain processes.

Lone Schroeder
“Supply chain risk can be greatly mitigated through digitization. An open network of digitally connected suppliers means that their data is born electronic, rather than paper or PDF.”
— Lone Fonss Schroeder, board member at Volvo, AKSO, SAXO, Valmet, and Credit Suisse

Dare to collaborate.

Business is no longer a zero-sum game. Turn your suppliers into strategic partners and you can develop mutually beneficial relationships that add to your bottom line. Our agile platform and free-for-suppliers model brings your business processes & your suppliers together.

With Tradeshift, collaboration becomes easy and efficient for both sides of the equation.

Silos are for farmers.

You need every stakeholder on board to execute a long-term strategy. Break down internal silos through easy-to-use, collaborative technology, and build more unity and visibility throughout your finance, supply chain, and procurement departments.

Strengthen your decisions with reliable data.

Accurate data empowers you to make better strategic decisions. Get the insights you need & make better, faster financial forecasts with real-time information. Our intuitive dashboard empowers you to make more informed decisions around your supply chain.

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