Seller Club FAQs

Learn what’s included in your package, the value of our integrations, which invoice formats are supported, and more.

Is Tradeshift no longer free for me to use?

It is still free for you to use. You can continue to send an unlimited number of invoices through Tradeshift’s web interface at no charge.

What is the difference between free invoicing and the paid packages?

You can now take advantage of a new service offering that includes integration and extra support for sellers to purchase if they wish. Or you can choose to use Tradeshift as much as you want for free through the Web UI. The fees only apply if you choose to take advantage of integration services and join the Seller Club.

How do I determine what package is the best fit for me?

To find the package that fits best, consider a combination of factors including the amount of invoices you plan to issue within the year, the number of branches and customers you need to integrate, and the value-added services that will benefit your company.

What is the value in integrating Tradeshift with my ERP?

The biggest benefits to integrating your Tradeshift solution with your ERP is time savings and financial accuracy. You won’t need to issue an invoice through Tradeshift, and then manually update your ERP with the same information: the update happens automatically. As a result, you can eliminating duplicate work effort, keep your financial information in sync, and make the entire process more efficient.

Is there an extra charge for the set up of the integration?

The Seller Club pricing includes the set-up of the integration, as well as ongoing maintenance.

Which ERP systems will you integrate with?

We can integrate your Tradeshift account with any accounting and ERP system

What type of support can I expect throughout the integration process?

The Seller Club includes additional support. Response times will depend upon the package that you choose – 4, 8, 12 or 16 hours. Our Platinum Enterprise and Platinum X editions include a dedicated account manager you can contact in case of questions or concerns. No matter which edition you choose, our goal is to ensure that you have a successful integration.

My customer requires me to use Tradeshift for invoicing; will I have to pay for an integration plan?

No, you don’t need to be integrated in order to use Tradeshift. If your customer would like you to integrate, discuss it directly with them.

Who is Coface and what are the credits included in the package?

Coface is one of the leading global credit insurers and risk management companies, and a trusted Tradeshift partner. As part of the Seller Club, you’ll receive credits toward Coface solvency reports, which provide detailed macroeconomic evaluations of potential trading partners.

As part of the Platinum Enterprise edition, you can also have Coface conduct a credit report on your company, then display the results to boost your Tradeshift profile to attract potential customers.

Why do I have to apply for the Platinum X edition?

The Platinum X edition is an exclusive offering that includes concierge-level service, a rapid support response time of 4 hours, integration for up to 50 branches, and a variety of other benefits and services. It also includes invitations to special events with access to buyers from Fortune 1000 companies.

Can I use Tradeshift to send invoices to other/all of my customers?

Yes! You can use Tradeshift to send invoices to all of your customers, even without being integrated.

Do I need to install any hardware or software?

No, Tradeshift is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service solution and does not require any additional software or hardware for use.

What formats are included as part of Tradeshift standardized integration offerings?

Tradeshift supports the following formats: UBL, OIOUBL, OIOXML, BASDA XML (eBIS), cXML (Ariba), CSV, X12 (110, 210, 310, 810), EDIFACT (INVOIC, IFTFCC), TEAPPSXML (Tieto), Finvoice, CENBII (PEPPOL), GS1XML (v2.6 + 3.1), OAGIS (v8, v9 + v10), xCBL, Svefaktura, EHF (Norwegian legislation), e2b (Norwegian), Rosettanet (PIP3C3), Nota Fiscal (nfe v2.0), SETU (hr-xml), IDOC (INVOIC02, ORDERS05), TRADACOMS (INVOIC, CREDIT), CEN Cross Industry Invoice (CII), XML FatturaPA (Italian legislation), and PIDX. You can also upload documents via API, SFTP, and and FTPS.