Hey Procurement, we need to talk.

We interviewed procurement professionals about what’s wrong.
And we listened.

Let’s get real about
what’s not working.

You’ve heard it’s impossible to get control over 100% of your spend.

Your employees are still going rogue, and they’re STILL not happy with the processes you try to enforce.

You’re saving some money, but your buying tools aren’t creating value for your company.

It’s time to rethink eProcurement.

For the last 15 years, eProcurement software has done the same things...but promised different results.

Companies are spending their resources trying (and failing) to enforce top-down processes. They’re investing millions in a philosophy that doesn’t work.

The eProcurement tools you use are about limitations. We think it’s time to change that.

We need to start over.

Why assume that it’s impossible to manage 100% of your spend?

What about including all your suppliers? What about the lack of control you battle every day?

There's a better way.

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