Tradeshift® Risk

Stop playing with fire.
Control your supplier management.

The biggest risks are the ones you don’t see coming.

Are you good at predicting disaster? If you’re human, probably not.

In a world where risk moves in real time, how can you manage the chaos of supplier data, control your supplier management, and unlock the hidden value in your supply chain?

Don’t risk missing your biggest opportunities, or losing to your biggest threats.

It’s time to rethink supplier management.
Welcome to Tradeshift Risk.

Tradeshift Profiles

Connect with all your suppliers.

Tradeshift Risk Engine

All your risk data in one place.

Tradeshift Risk Engine collects all the risk data you need and stores it in one place – whether it’s profile data from Tradeshift, your custom survey and regulatory data, or risk data from thousands of third-party sources.

The Risk Engine analyzes your data and provides guidance on what to do next. You can configure your own risk scoring, assign scores to suppliers, and see the big picture in an instant. When you have the right data, you can make fully informed decisions.

Protect yourself as needed – send flagged data to your legal team or others, or automatically pause transactions if a supplier has a high risk score. With constantly up-to-date supplier data, you’re safe.

Tradeshift Surveys

Learn anything about your suppliers, any time.

With Tradeshift Surveys, you can assess supplier management when you’re onboarding and automate ongoing risk checks. No more manual checks: Tradeshift helps you run frequent, automated checks on your suppliers when you need them.

Once you get responses from your surveys, you can unlock the value that’s hidden in your supply chain.

Tradeshift Apps

You can easily expand your Tradeshift experience with third-party apps that connect to EcoVadis, riskmethods, and others. Apps mean you can add value like sustainability and diversity ratings, or get more data sources – and that’s just the beginning.

For example, with the riskmethods app, you get real-time risk intelligence, with 5,000+ data sources which analyze your business risk in real time and rank them according to exposure.

Tradeshift® Risk doesn’t stand alone: it works together with Tradeshift® Buy and Tradeshift® Pay. Link Tradeshift® Risk with Tradeshift® Buy to onboard your suppliers quickly, or add in Tradeshift® Pay to protect your procure-to-pay process.

See what we’re talking about.
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Tradeshift® Risk
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Essential Guide to Supplier Management
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Supplier Management Checklist
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With Tradeshift Risk, you can:

Manage all your suppliers without friction

Organize the chaos of disconnected, outdated supplier data.

Control your risk and prevent disaster

Protect your brand with a holistic, real-time view of all your suppliers.

Unlock hidden value in your supply chain

Build value with all your supplier data - it's not just about savings.

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Tradeshift takes your privacy seriously.
We encrypt all personal information when sent over the Internet, so that it cannot be read in transit by a third party.