Workflow automation and optimisation

Progressive finance leaders seeking competitive advantages have adjusted their strategic priorities to deliver digitisation across finance functions to achieve cost reduction, efficiency, and uncover data-driven insights.

Will AP be ready for an accelerated pace of regulatory change?

Getting e-invoicing right and 100% digital is becoming critical for the continuity of business operations altogether - now is the time to transform this from an obstacle to an enabler.

Future of Finance & CFO Summit

Meet like-minded finance professionals, finance leaders and CFOs and learn how about embracing change, innovating and planning for recovery, will help establish a framework to support cohesive, enterprise-wide transformation.

Making AP digitization a reality: why now’s the time to transform how you connect with your sellers

Join Peter Hamilton of DXC and Mike Jud of Tradeshift as they discuss how digitizing AP can not only help mitigate the negative impacts of the present crisis by reducing buyer-supplier friction but also how it will provide the foundation for your organization to rebound quickly and emerge stronger no matter what our ‘new normal’ looks like.

The role of supply chain finance in today’s COVID-19 world

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted enterprises all over the world leaving many scrambling for access to the working capital they need to survive.

Shift Happens! Were you prepared for the unexpected?

Tradeshift is about connecting every company in the world and creating economic opportunity for all. That mission is now more vital and personal than ever.

Accounts Payable: Big Trends & Predictions

The accounts payable industry is consistently evolving and shifting, forcing AP and finance professionals across the globe to prepare for change and innovation in technology, business regulations, and the general speed of commerce.

Becoming a Chief Future Officer for finance & treasury: your guide to digital transformation technology

If you’re working in finance and treasury, you can’t ignore technology. It’s influencing every aspect of your role, redefining the way you work and the opportunities you have to bring value to your enterprise. But it’s not all straightforward, with so much noise in the market how do you know which technologies are really transformative and which are just hot air? And how can you guarantee that your technology transformation project will be a success?

Access more capital and reduce friction in your supply chain by embracing digital transformation

The need for collaboration between the physical and financial supply chain is growing. As supply chains become more complex, they experience more stress and complications, and they must become more adaptive and collaborative to cope.

Future proof your End to End Procure to Pay Solution with Digitization

Download the webinar hosted by Shared Services & Outsourcing Network’s. Which examined the next generation of shared services and how digital disruption is changing the talent desired to manage and operate the business.