The Future of Business Payments is Virtual Credit Cards

Tradeshift Go Virtual Credit Cards provide easy-to-use security, spend management, and reconciliation

Virtual credit cards will quickly become a standard for all businesses. In a world where fraud is more prevalent than ever and businesses struggle with credit card control and reconciliation, virtual cards are the answer.
Companies turn to Tradeshift Go as their virtual credit card solution to:

  • Save effort and budget during reconciliation
  • Gain visibility and tracking for all your card transactions
  • You create secure payment streams to mitigate fraud occurrences
  • Set spending limits and timelines
  • Customized approval flows and automated accounting codes

Secure, limited use cards.

Give your employees a card for a requested purchase in a few seconds. It’s virtual, so it can’t fall into the wrong hands.

Approval that comes first.

Unlike traditional commercial cards, every transaction on Go is pre-approved, by you. A virtual corporate credit card is only issued once you have approved.

Everything in one place.

See everything you’ve approved in one place. It’s like a credit card statement without the fine print. Easy.

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