Tradeshift Way Content Submission

Want to submit news and updates from yourself, your team, or your office to the Tradeshift Way App? Here’s an easy checklist of things to do before you press send.

Follow the submission guide below for best practices on how to format your news items and send them for review.

First and foremost, keep in mind these three rules of thumb:

  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE: If you want to be understood, simplicity rules in getting your ideas across, no matter how complex your topic. Try to avoid jargon! If you have to use acronyms or abbreviations, be sure to explain what they mean.
  2. KEEP IT ABOUT THE READER: Think through what you’re working on and make it about your audience, no matter how small a task it is. In this case, your audience is ALL of Tradeshift’s 950 (and growing) employees. If you’re writing about product, for example, keep in mind that not all readers are on the product team. Your description may need an extra bit of background for everyone to understand.
  3. KEEP IT RELEVANT: The Tradeshift Way App is the central communication channel for internal news, updates, information sharing and employee connection. While we want and encourage you to submit lighthearted, fun items (images, videos, cute pet photos, and the like), we also ask that you keep things relevant to the company as a whole.

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