Access more capital and reduce friction in your supply chain by embracing digital transformation

The need for collaboration between the physical and financial supply chain is growing. As supply chains become more complex, they experience more stress and complications, and they must become more adaptive and collaborative to cope.

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The pressure can be felt everywhere, from producers and employees who cover logistics, to teams who manage working capital—no one is protected. In order to become an adaptive enterprise, companies need to transform their supply chains by leveraging innovative, digital technologies that facilitate real-time collaboration, introduce better processes, and help create more value in the market. Join this webinar as we discuss:
  • Interconnected digital experiences with the power to move the physical and financial world.
  • Ways in which process-focused digital might be limiting you.
  • AP that delivers on data quality and real-time analysis.
  • How teams can leverage digital technology to increase seller value and build impactful relationships with suppliers.
  • Methods for achieving working capital objectives without conflicting with supply chain stakeholders.



Mike Jud

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Tradeshift

Mike Jud is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Tradeshift, where, for 3.5 years, he has been shaping the vision and strategy for company-wide digital transformation starting with 100% digital AP. Mike has a long 20-year history with Procurement and Financial solutions and working with customers on best practices and future practices.

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