AP’s new strategic skill: country compliance

On top of everything AP is doing, now add country compliance. Join us at this live webinar to learn how your AP team can prepare for a more resilient and connected future.

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India is moving quickly to a form of e-Invoicing and tax clearance starting on October 1. Expect more countries to follow fast as tax authorities seek to tap directly into transactions for more visibility and accuracy in tax collection. And each country brings its own new set of requirements. The acceleration and complexity of continuous transaction controls (CTCs) will add even more work to already maxed-out accounts payable teams trying to eliminate operational risk.

That’s why it’s time to go digital. It allows companies to run compliant payables and payment processes quickly and with complete accuracy wherever they do business. Learn from Tradeshift and Sovos about how your AP team can prepare for a more resilient and connected future.

  • Companies are accelerating digital to support regional operations, get more supply chain visibility, and automate.  Learn how to accelerate digital in your operations. 
  • There will be many changes coming soon.  Learn about the country e-Invoicing and tax trends from compliance experts
  • Deploying e-Invoicing globally means managing complex and varied requirements.  Learn how to ready the business and your systems. 

Meet the speakers

Mike Jud

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Tradeshift

Mike Jud is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Tradeshift, where, for 3.5 years, he has been shaping the vision and strategy for company-wide digital transformation starting with 100% digital AP. Mike has a long 20-year history with Procurement and Financial solutions and working with customers on best practices and future practices.

Filippa Jörnstedt

Senior Regulatory Counsel, Sovos

Expert in international e-invoicing compliance and developments in the global digital tax control landscape.  Filippa earned her degree in Law LL.M. from Lund University in Sweden.

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