Digitalization driving sustainability and risk management in the supply chain

All companies strive for transparent and sustainable supply chains, but is it really possible to meet both legal and market demands in a digital world and ever changing business environment?

The answer is yes and in this webinar, we will share insights into how you can capitalize on new technologies to optimize procurement processes and improve visibility over risks and drive sustainability through your supply chain.

Join this webinar to also learn about:

  • What sustainability and risk management looks like a digital context
  • How to drive risk prevention in your supply chain
  • How to use Marketplaces and AI for sustainability and compliance

Meet the speakers


Martin Hagen, Head of sustainability, Inventura

Martin Hagen helps customers find concrete solutions to improve their impact, by focusing on their social responsibility and opportunities. For us, social responsibility means protecting human rights and the environment in the entire value chain, and to counteract work-related crime within businesses and throughout the purchasing process. As a business economist with an environmental degree Martin is looking for the most effective solutions to secure results and wider economic impacts - for both society and company profititizes the supply chain in a way that has never been done before.


Lloyd Humphrey , Senior Product Manager - Machine Learning & Apps, Tradeshift

Lloyd is a product leader at Tradeshift running Tradeshift Ada, the artificial intelligence layer integrated into the platform. In previous roles he’s been responsible for the success of the first Tradeshift Buy customer go-live, and developing the underlying architecture of the Tradeshift Buy product.


Hannele Palje-Rossi, Regional Manager Nordics, Riskmethods

Hannele is a passionate procurement thought leader with a focus on optimising digital labour to the advantage of the procurement and supply chain professional. Working within public and private enterprises, as a practitioner and as a technology partner, Hannele has led complex business re-engineering programmes tangibly transforming business capabilities. This has included measurably enhancing supply chain performance within many industries including defence, retail, manufacturing and construction. Sustainable results, bottom-line business impact and fun are at the core of Hannele’s objectives for any risk management project!

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