Digitally-enabled people for insight, resilience, and innovation

Digital has rapidly changed the speed, reach, and scale of business. Companies are not only vulnerable to the unknown, but also vulnerable to a fierce market fueled by digital competitors. Keeping people in tune and in context is now more imperative than ever, but also more challenging with people now more spread out.

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In this webinar we want to look at enabling people for digital and insights in their new work environment. Did you change where people work or how they work? The answer can make or break your company’s resilience in the face of adversity and the pace of innovation.  

Join a panel of experts on digital networks and insights from Tradeshift and Spendency as they take on the questions:

  • What does it mean to be digital and resilient?
  • How do companies enable a culture for insight and innovation?  What are the implications for the solutions? The data?
  • How do companies get started and what is the journey?
  • How do companies digitally enable people outside the organization to create connected marketplaces and supply chains?

Meet our speakers

Mike Jud

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Tradeshift

Mike Jud is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Tradeshift, where, for 3.5 years, he has been shaping the vision and strategy for company-wide digital transformation starting with 100% digital AP. Mike has a long 20-year history with Procurement and Financial solutions and working with customers on best practices and future practices

Arvid Fredin

Founder and CMO, Spendency

Arvid Fredin has an extensive experience within procurement and has supported over 100+ clients on four continents in all areas of procurement transformation. He co-founded Spendency five years ago after concluding that the biggest key success factor for procurement organisations is adopting a digital and data driven way of working. Prior to Spendency, Arvid worked in the automotive industry at Scania and as a Management Consultant at McKinsey and EFFSO.

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