How Go and traditional cards work hand-in-hand

Tradeshift Go User Town Hall: How Go and Traditional Cards Work Hand-in-Hand.

When bringing on a virtual card program like Tradeshift Go, it's sometimes difficult to know which spend is best for Go and which should be used for your traditional p-card or corporate card program. Rehana Vohra, finance manager and corporate card administrator for Catalent, a pharmaceutical, will explain how her team identifies the most suitable spend to use for Tradeshift Go, especially given a remote work-heavy environment. Together, in this 30-minute session, we’ll explore topics such as:

  • How Go and traditional cards actually complement each other
  • How to strategically identify the best spend for Tradeshift Go
  • Ways to provide guidance to employees on preferred payment method


Meet the Speakers


Moderator: Doug Anderson

Tradeshift Go Product Marketing Manager


Guest panelist: Rehana Vohra

Catalent Finance Manager


Guest panelist: James Liu

Catalent Accounting Manager