Achieve better Manufacturing Supply Chain Resilience

Severe global market conditions have highlighted and accelerated the need for greater supply chain resilience. Therefore more accurate, quicker, and more efficient digital collaboration is needed to support this now and in the future. Alexander Brox from Deloitte, Tom Davies Tradeshift, and Rob van Ipenburg from Quyntess will discuss how this can be achieved in a practical manner across supply chains.

We will explore:

  • How can Supply Chain Resilience be achieved or improved?
  • What benefits does this different approach to Supply Chain Resilience bring?
  • How will companies work differently whilst complimenting their operations?
  • Who will benefit from this Supply Chain Resilience?

Meet the Speakers


Rob van Ipenburg

Managing Director, Quyntess


Alexander Brox

Manager, Deloitte


Tom Davies

Enterprise Accounts Director, TRADESHIFT

Meet the sponsors

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