Anti-fragile supply chain*, spend analytics on a digital network

We hear it; the world has changed, there is a new normal, but what do we do now to meet this challenge and the challenges to come?

As a spend team, a digital and data driven supplier network has become the new standard. This webinar will kickoff a series to highlight how Procurement teams can leverage real time spend analytics to deliver enterprise value, and create an anti-fragile supply chain. An anti-fragile supply chain anticipates the risks that can come in any direction, and learns so it can respond quickly under challenging circumstances.

In this on-demand webinar, you will hear from our speakers about:

  • What it means to have real time spend analytics on a network
  • How will it change how we manage spend, prioritize targets, and drive performance management
  • How should Procurement and Finance work together to develop and maintain a performing supplier network
  • Trends that emerged from recent events and the move to anti-fragile supply chains

This is an opportunity to explore with our panel a future that is moving to real-time, data-driven, and networked insights to create the anti-fragile supply chain.

* Nassim Taleb coined the term “Anti-fragile”

Meet the Speakers


Arvid Fredin

Founder and CMO, Spendency

Arvid Fredin has an extensive experience within procurement and has supported over 100+ clients on four continents in all areas of procurement transformation. He co-founded Spendency five years ago after concluding that the biggest key success factor for procurement organisations is adopting a digital and data driven way of working. Prior to Spendency, Arvid worked in the automotive industry at Scania and as a Management Consultant at McKinsey and EFFSO.


Roy Anderson

Roy Anderson has been at the forefront of procurement technology since the 1980s. Now, as the Chief Procurement Officer of Tradeshift - the largest global business network for buying and selling - Roy is one of the only network CPOs in the world, as he enacts transformational change in the marketplace, allowing thousands of companies to choose from curated tools that allow them to share digital data with their suppliers - a solution that digitizes the supply chain in a way that has never been done before.

Meet the moderator


Mike Jud

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Tradeshift

Mike Jud is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Tradeshift, where, for 3.5 years, he has been shaping the vision and strategy for company-wide digital transformation starting with 100% digital AP. Mike has a long 20-year history with Procurement and Financial solutions and working with customers on best practices and future practices.

Meet the Sponsors

Spendency is a procurement analytics solution that differentiates itself through an exceptional user experience. It is designed by people with extensive experience in purchasing and spend analysis, and it caters both to the super advanced user who loves spreadsheets as well as the novice who feels slightly anxious when someone mentions “Pivot table”.

– We are passionate about delivering a system that: Allows users to manage their own data, is intuitive and simple to work with and provides superb value for money.

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