In turbulent times – cash is king

In the face of the greatest global economic crisis in decades, the importance of visionary…

In the face of the greatest global economic crisis in decades, the importance of visionary financial leadership is at its peak. Shared Services is in a desirable position to be sought out for expertise and guidance on ways to manage working capital and improve cash flows. Delivering on these expectations requires a significant transformation from a finance transaction factory to a value-adding analytical advisory partner.

In turbulent times, cash is king. Yet the way cash is distributed through supply chains currently is unequal and unfair creating a situation where everybody loses. We need to break free from the status quo and create a better way to distribute finance through supply chains that deliver benefits to all.

Meet the Speaker


Joachim Hermansson, Senior Director, Fintech Success, Tradeshift.

Joachim Hermansson is Senior Director, Global FinTech Success responsible for the EMEA region at Tradeshift. He is actively engaged with Tradeshift’s clients in both corporate and public sectors, developing efficient payment and financing programs to meet the client’s evolving requirements. Prior to his current role, he was Global Head of Sales & Business Development at Basware Financing Services. Before joining Basware he was Regional Head of Export, Trade & Supply Chain Finance at Citi, based in Madrid. He joined Citi after serving numerous roles at GE Capital International based in Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. He started his career at Agilent Technologies Financial Services organization where he had several roles based in Barcelona and New Delhi. Mr. Hermansson holds a M.Sc. degree in Business Administration from Gothenburg School of Business and he is currently based in Antwerp, Belgium.

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