State of ePayables: How best in class organizations improve performance

With advances in technology and moves toward digital transformation, today’s accounts payable departments are more focused than ever on leveraging automation to streamline the AP process, make it more efficient and enable more strategic activities to be carried out.

According to Ardent Partners’ State of ePayables 2019 report, even best-in-class organizations are still left with invoice exceptions, only about half of the suppliers submitting electronic invoices, and low early payment opportunities to improve working capital. Is that the best that we can do? Is your AP department truly digital? Listen to the latest webcast from Ardent Partners and Tradeshift as they:
  • Deep dive into the challenges faced by the AP department and the drivers that shape AP leaders’ priorities on the quest to digitize
  • Present the outcomes you should be looking for in an AP transformation journey and how you should go from electronic to digital
  • Explore what best-in-class organizations do and how you can leverage to take your AP department to the next level
  • Identify quick wins and long-term strategies to improve operations and results going beyond best-in-class

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