Customer Habits: Making Meaningful Service Recommendations through Data

Data and innovation will never improve customer experience at supply chain level unless we know how to apply and use the tools available to real life, often volatile scenarios in need of flexibility, visibility and accountability.

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UPS, CMA CGM, and Tradeshift explore the key challenges businesses must overcome to deliver an industry-leading customer experience in the Reuters webinar.

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  • See how to put the in-depth data to work with real-life case studies of demand pattern shifts and agile response examples that reduce costs and improve the buying experience
  • Progress from limited order flow visibility due to siloed and partial information to full, end-to-end actionable visibility by integrating customer point of sale data, digital orders, and delivery data
  • Streamline and improve the effectiveness of dynamic networking and collaboration with coordinated and fully digital order flows to move from a manual, paper process to a traceable digital footprint
  • Learn how a digital-first approach that integrates seamlessly into your accounting system will give you the keys to lowering days payable outstanding and will make your suppliers and customers love doing business with you

Meet our speakers

Nick Basford

Vice President Global Retail and E-commerce Strategy


Dharmesh Patel



Jonathan Laverentz

Head of Digital Innovation


Meet our moderator

Maria Hurghis

Project Director

Reuters Events