Shared services drive resiliency, agility and retain a competitive edge

Global CFOs and CIOs are looking at how to turn ad-hoc digitalisation into enterprise-wide strategies to help them eliminate repetitive tasks and return to growth mode.

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Disruption from the last year has meant every business needed to look at ways of digital working. But the accelerated digitalisation brought upon businesses worldwide is far from complete.

As workplaces gear themselves up for another potentially eventful year, innovative solutions may be key to peel off unnecessary labour from all financial operations, facilitate remote working and quickly identify and prevent issues. It also allows SS leaders to free up working capital and redirect their efforts towards more value-added activities. This session focuses on:

  • In what way is digitalisation bound to shape financial operations?
  • What tools are available to enterprises in their quest towards the most effective use of their resources?
  • How can modern solutions help businesses regain their competitive edge in an increasingly globalised economy?

Meet our speakers

Sally Fletcher

SSON Analyst


Shitanshu Modi

VP, Global Head of Channels & Alliances