Supply Chain Disruptions – Necessary Evil?

Current trends are showing no natural rebound and many smart organizations are taking measures to digitally transform their entire business operations to mitigate further breakdowns.

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Today’s organizations face greater obstacles to the sustainability of their supply chains than ever before. In the last few years, supply chain disruption and its global financial impact have been a leading cause of business loss.

Now more than ever the phrase “cash is king” is a drumbeat easily recognized above the din of other solutions. The challenge for sellers is to maintain business solvency, buyers to collaborate with sellers to ensure the equitable flow of funds, and financial technologies to provide alternative solutions that ensure both buyers and sellers remain stable - even scale operations, allowing for supply chain maturity and growth.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Has supply chain disruption actually precipitated a new age of technological innovation?
  • How have buyers and sellers digitally transformed their supply chain operations to better transact with each other?
  • How can sellers leverage new and growing financial services to ensure their business remains solvent - even in the face of disruptive payment policies?
  • How has the proliferation of S2P fundamentally changed the AP/Procurement process and impacted the supply chain?
  • What are the innovations that every business should know about to better prepare themselves for future disruptions and expectations of supply chains?

Meet our speakers

Sid Vasili


Vasili Advisory

Jonathan Laverentz

Head of Digital Innovation