What will it take to democratise and decentralize digital trade finance at scale?

Quantifying the efficiency gains from automating processes

Tradeshift CEO Christian Lanng recently sat down with a panel of industry experts at The Economist’s Global Trade Virtual Week to talk about the new generation of digitized financing mechanisms that are helping the world recover from the pandemic. 

One of the topics that came up was the inequity between the way that buyers treat large and small suppliers in their chain. Whereas larger suppliers have no problems getting supply chain financing because their buyers share data with the banks giving the loans, smaller suppliers rarely get this treatment and therefore struggle to get good terms on supply chain finance. “It’s not so much democratizing supply chain finance,” Christian pointed out. “It’s about democratizing the data.”

Meet our speakers

Matthieu Favas

Finance correspondent

The Economist

Christian Lanng

CEO and Co-Founder


Kati Suominen

Founder and chief executive officer

Nextrade Group

Ziyang David Fan

Head of digital trade

World Economic Forum

Jordane Rollin

Head of trade and working capital, Americas

Standard Chartered

Ami Daniel

Chief executive officer and co-founder