Shifting To Digital Tax Compliance

Preparing for and Understanding the Challenges and Impacts of Tax Digitization

VAT tax compliance, continuous transaction controls, and e-invoicing regulations. There’s a lot that you're managing to do business around the world. Watch our on-demand recording of Sovos and Tradeshift's webinar to learn more about preparing for and understanding the impacts on your business from the digitization of tax and emerging regional tax laws.

We'll share valuable information in the webinar:

  • Tour of the mega trends in the tax world
  • Introduction to Continuous Transaction Controls and upcoming compliance deadlines
  • How to modernise, automate and future-proof your finance processes in order to comply
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Your Webinar Hosts

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Christiaan Van Der Valk

VP, Strategy and Regulatory, Sovos

As vice president for strategy at Sovos, Christiaan Van Der Valk leads research into trends in the market and tax legislation. His insight and expertise are instrumental in determining business strategy and when to buy, build, or partner to create solutions that meet emerging trends. Christiaan’s philosophy is that companies should embrace the role of pioneer, rather than shy away from it.

Jean-Cyril Schutterle

Director, Product Management CTC, Sovos

Jean-Cyril Schütterlé is in charge of managing Sovos products for countries implementing continuous transaction controls. He has over 20 years of experience designing, implementing, and marketing SaaS products that automate Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash processes.

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Presenter portraitIllustrative icon

Will Craven

Regional VP Northern Europe, Tradeshift

An industry veteran with over 25 years of experience spanning ERP, supply chain technology, and program delivery. Currently leading Tradeshift’s business across Northern Europe working with customers across multiple sectors operating in the most complex tax regimes.

Learn about the new tax and invoicing regulatory landscape

Tradeshift and Sovos created a comprehensive look at the world’s regulatory landscape, highlighting how governments across the world, including important markets that are enacting complex new policies and controls to close tax gaps and collect the revenue they are owed

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