The 7 Truths Behind Hitting 90% e-Invoicing

We’re living in the age where RPA adoptions are strongly outweighing the e-invoicing adoption rates. The question now is: Will the role of e-invoicing platforms be eradicated over time, leaving e-invoicing capabilities to be completed by robots?

Learn more about the future of e-invoicing with Tradeshift and SharedServicesLink. We will reveal the findings from a recent study, and answer the following questions:
  • Should you still invest in e-invoicing?
  • Can you get the same results (or better) using robots instead of e-invoicing tools?
  • Will the role of e-invoicing platforms diminish in the future?
  • Are robots and e-invoicing competitive or complementary?
  • What are the invoicing and AP gaps that robots fill?

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