Tradeshift Babelway Foundations Training

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 — Thursday, October 14, 2021

We are very happy to announce our Tradeshift Babelway Foundations Training coming soon, on October 13th-14th 2021.

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Dear partner,

We are very happy to announce our Tradeshift Babelway Foundations Training coming soon, on October 13th-14th 2021.

Because of the reduced number of seats (max 10 participants) we recommend you to register as soon as possible, so we can provide you all the preparatory materials and tasks in advance. Please note, registration will close when the training slots are filled or at latest on Sept 29th.

The Babelway Foundations Training is framed around providing insights to the wide possibilities of transformation working with Babelway both on its own and when integrating with the Tradeshift Platform.

The training will include topics such as:

  • Babelway Platform Component
  • Message IN/OUT
  • Gateways
  • Transformations
  • Formulas
  • Tradeshift API’s
  • TSUBL Specifications
  • Integrations practices

The foundational understanding gained from attending the training should be supported with shadowing opportunities together with Tradeshift in order to achieve implementation and integration self-sufficiency for a partner.

Target audience:

  • Technical Integration Project manager
  • Solution Architect
  • Solution Consultant
  • Integration Specialist/Manager
  • Transformation/Mapping Consultant
  • Integration Developers

As all integrations steps in Tradeshift are performed via REST API’s - it is a requirement that the participants have knowledge and experience in the areas of APIs, system integrations, interface protocols and general integrations practices.
It is recommended to have been through Tradeshift Pay or Buy Foundations before joining the Babelway Foundation course.

Active participation in all preparation meetings and completion of prerequisite materiale from all registrants is expected and key for a successful enablement.

Tradeshift Partner University:
Supporting material and prerequisite content on both Tradeshift and Babelway will be shared with participants via Tradeshift E-learning platform Tradeshift Partner University.

Price and cancellation:

1.200 EUR / 1450 USD for the first 2 registrants (per person) and 1.000 EUR / 1.200 USD for any additional ones.

Early cancel: Allows the partner to cancel their registration without any penalty, if the cancelation request is being sent within 2 weeks prior to the training start date.
Late cancel: If the partner cancels their registration within 2 weeks of the training start date, there will be a penalty invoice covering 50% of the training fees.
No show: If the partner does not show up nor cancel their registration, the training fees must be paid in full.

Training session will be conducted in English. The training materials are available in English only.

Best regards,

Partner Enablement Team

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