Transport and Logistics: Preparing for Peak Season

Get the inside scoop: how Canada Post, Expeditors and Tradeshift are preparing for peak season in Transport and Logistics.

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This year, uncertainty changes everything

In the world of logistics, getting ready for peak shipping season usually means researching, understanding and following historical demand patterns. But this year, uncertainty from COVID-19 is changing everything.

In this Reuters Events & Tradeshift webinar, we dissect what this ‘new normal’ means for supply chain & logistics’s peak season in this unique period in history.

Key themes include:

• Take stock of how Covid-19 has impacted the transport and logistics industry, and how we can ensure operations are resilient in preparation for peak season and in the event of a potential second virus peak.

• In 2020, closed manufacturing, distribution and fulfilment facilities demonstrated the fragility of the supply chain system. How has the digital response created greater supply chain resilience and what can you do to accelerate your digital roadmap?

• Visibility is the holy grail, but overcoming fragmentation is the key first step. Culturally and technically, what are the practical hurdles toward standardisation and interoperability?

Meet the speakers

Charles Brewer

COO, Canada Post

Jamie Lansdell

Americas - Regional Manager Automotive & Mobility, Expeditors

Alan Edwards

Client Executive (UK and Northern Europe), Tradeshift


 Lindsay Coulson, Project Director, Reuters Events

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