Conquering the eCommerce Marketplace for B2B P2P Needs: Monoprice’s perspective

B2C eCommerce marketplaces are the new frontier for B2B. Companies are seeing the impact of marketplaces and how it allows them to tap into new revenue streams.

Monoprice, a consumer electronics company, has traditionally leveraged a B2C marketplace and adapted thisphilosophy to their B2B road map. Join Jon Reynolds, Monoprice’s Business Unit Director for Marketplace and Jayson Humphrey, Tradeshift’s Marketplace Director as they discuss owning a B2B eCommerce marketplace. This webinar will cover: - B2B marketplace’s impact on revenue growth for sellers/suppliers - Monoprice’s motivation and methodology behind creating a B2B marketplace - Challenges and benefits Monoprice’s eCommerce department faced - How B2B marketplace adaption to buyers demand enables access to new audiences and expands working capital through cost savings.

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