Accelerate your supply chain digitization

Change can be hard. Apps make it easy.

Das Procure-to-Pay "Programmpaket" ist wie der Weihnachtsmann: wir möchten alle daran glauben, aber irgendwann werden unsere Illusionen zerschlagen.

Programmpakete sind nie so umfassend, wie sie es zu sein versprechen. Sie sind teuer, abgekoppelt, verändern sich nur langsam und Sie müssen sich mit den angebotenen Funktionen zufrieden geben oder eine neue App finden (deren Integration fast unmöglich ist).

Apps unify all your suppliers, your users’ experiences, your data, your processes, and your back-end integrations. They’re the fast, flexible way to expand your capabilities and how you use Tradeshift® Buy, Pay.

Get faster change at a lower cost.

Apps cost less and are quicker to implement than single-install solutions or suites so you can improve your speed of change and lower your TCO. With apps, you can scale your capabilities as needed—and your processes and organization gain the flexibility necessary to compete.

Do more with your data.

"Tradeshift Apps integrate into your existing systems, enabling collaboration with every person at every location. Leveraging our network you can connect all your data—at every level, in every process and get a more holistic view of your business across all your geographies."

Up front, apps do the heavy lifting. Our network just gives you a greater ability to connect your data and people. More so than say the Coupa systems of the world.

Empower your back office to be more efficient.

Consolidate and standardize your back-office commodity processes, and extend your existing infrastructure to support performance, data storage, and operational efficiency. Ready-to-integrate, standard apps make it easy to solve your existing needs, and support your existing processes, adding value in an accelerated manner at lower cost.

Alle Apps, die Sie benötigen - mit einem Mausklick.

Order CollaborationOrder
Paypal PaymentsPaypal
Exact Software IntegrationExact Software
Recurring InvoicesRecurring
Documents UploaderDocuments
Digital SigningDigitale Signatur
Connector for Sage 50Connector for
Sage 50
CleverIT C5 IntegrationCleverIT
C5 Integration
Procureport eSourcingProcureport
API Access to Own AccountAPI Access
to Own Account
Supplier OnboardingSupplier
Supplier SurveySupplier

Go above and beyond “the core.”

Getting exactly what you need has never been easier—build a bespoke app. Customize your processes and (finally) bring your legacy systems into the cloud and your suite. An app built to your organization’s specific requirements gives you a unique differentiator, and your processes and organization a competitive advantage.

100% consistent & responsive, 100% adoption.

Add the functions you need, without forcing your users to learn new systems. Regardless of device—mobile or desktop—users become more productive and efficient. You maintain control on a granular level with the highest security and compliance standards in the industry.

Sehen Sie sich einige Apps genauer an.

Tradeshift’s Appstore expands Buy, Pay and Risk to cover all your supplier interactions.

Success story: Quyntess

Tradeshift and Quyntess share a common vision: to create interconnected, cloud-based supply chain applications. Quyntess was one of the first to develop a series of apps—Order Collaboration, e-Logistics, and the Delivery Schedule app—on the Tradeshift platform, and they did it all in only 5 weeks. With the power of the Tradeshift network, they were instantly linked to thousands of new customers, quickly landing Vesuvius Poland in partnership with Tradeshift.

We had our heritage of supply chain management and traditional web applications, then we brought that to the platform of Tradeshift. It was quite a leap forward for us in terms of user interface… We have been expanding ever since.
Teunis Biemond, CTO of Quyntess

Success story: ProcurePort

ProcurePort, an independent app developer, leveraged Tradeshift products and platform to extend the services they provided to their mid-market users, helping them automate and streamline the source-to-pay process, ultimately reducing purchasing costs. Tradeshift gained an additional tool to expand our e-procurement offering and power procurement excellence.

Integration was straight-forward—they provided API’s... making it easy for my team to integrate. Support from the Tradeshift team was exceptional, including the API documentation. They were always available to guide us throughout the entire process.
Jemin Patel, Director, ProcurePort

Success story: Timestarter

TimeStarter partnered with Tradeshift, expanding their brand’s global reach, increasing competitive advantage, and providing real business value to both TimeStarter and Tradeshift customers. Combining TimeStarter’s time-tracking app with Tradeshift’s invoicing solution, they created a powerful all-in-one app to save their users time and help them become more profitable, faster.

Our partnership added value for our users through the addition of Tradeshift’s invoicing solution... supported us with brand and marketing awareness to 800k+ suppliers and growing, including large enterprises, greatly expanding the number of potential new users of TimeStarter.
Trine Thybo, CMO TimeStarter

Make rapid innovation, development and delivery a reality for you.

Standard or bespoke—apps are the quickest way to add agility and flexibility to your procure-to-pay processes and systems. Need help building? We can connect you with an app development partner. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

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