New Game New Rules

In light of recent supply chain issues, the Tradeshift Index of Global Trade Health has the data to position your organization as a top player in this new game with new rules.

You only need one
trade technology platform.

Whether you’re in procurement, payables, or finance,
this is your opportunity to evolve and grow.

From Suppliers last to Suppliers first

The Tradeshift network is your suppliers’ gateway to good things. Like collaboration, analytics, and digital invoicing. They’ll get onboard. And you’ll get a digitized supply chain.

From processes to outcomes

Empower the modern team with business software designed for people. Tradeshift uses AI-enhanced automation to eliminate legacy processes and solve real problems.

From often-late to always-early

Tradeshift suppliers can get paid in as little as two days—every invoice, every time. Ensure your suppliers have the cash flow they need to keep supplying your business.

From future-proof to future-flexible

Have you ever customized your phone with your favorite apps? It’s that easy to customize Tradeshift. Unlike with suites, flexibility is baked into the platform.

companies connected on the platform

Create a flywheel of value for both buyers and suppliers.

We significantly improve our suppliers’ cash cycle, allow efficient invoice-to-cash processing through one platform and create working capital benefits for all participants.

Roger Sutter, Group
Treasurer, Kuehne + Nagel


in transaction value

500+ global customers

190+ countries

Grow. Smarter.

Partner with Tradeshift and get the foundation you need to rapidly scale revenues through innovative solutions and supply chain automation.


Why the world’s largest courier switched to Tradeshift.

DHL processes 10 million invoices per year and was looking for a way to do it more efficiently.

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