Buy, Sell, Invoice and Pay.

Tradeshift: the Business Network

Most companies are in the business of solving analogue problems by making them digital. Tradeshift is different. Tradeshift is a Business Network. Our business is to create opportunity. We do this every day for millions of companies all over the world.

Have you met Ada the Tradeshift AI?

When Ada was embedded to the Tradeshift Network in 2017 we created the first global B2B network to leverage intelligent automation.

Today, Ada supports companies around the world to buy better, sell better and pay better. What is even more exciting is that Ada is getting better every day, helping more than a million companies globally be more efficient with intelligent automation.

Watch our latest Webinar on AI in the Tradeshift Network

Rolf Njor Jensen, Lead Engineer at Tradeshift talks about embedded AI and Business Networks -“a match made in Heaven”.

This is Tradeshift:



The Tradeshift Network is the fastest-growing B2B e-Commerce network in the world. With best-in-class engagement and usability, we onboard almost 32,000 new connections monthly and provide global e-invoicing and tax compliance services.



Tradeshift is a global platform for AP Automation and e-Procurement. Like any modern fintech platform, we play well with others too. Third-party apps and integrations add real-time tax calculation, receivables financing, and virtual corporate credit card solutions.



Tradeshift doesn’t just help you cut costs, we help you grow revenue too. With B2B e-Commerce Marketplaces, you can find new sources of supply, open new markets, and create new customer opportunities. Tradeshift is becoming a new platform economy.


Suppliers need an effective way to manage invoicing processes without compromising existing systems.
Our Supplier Subscription gives supported access to the platform to automate the whole process, from invoice creation to tracking and resolution. 

What I really need is to…


Lower Costs

Tradeshift has many solutions for lowering your costs. Start by sending and receiving all your invoices digitally. Continue by automating your AP processes and then, see how B2B Marketplaces can lower your costs of indirect procurement.

Optimize Cash Flows

Tradeshift partners with AMEX and Mastercard to offer virtual corporate credit cards for spend management. You may also want to get paid faster – and now you can with receivables financing powered by HSBC. Now you’re 100% in control of your cash flow.

Acquire New Customers

B2B Marketplaces is not just an incremental change from classic e-Procurement – it’s a revolution. By democratizing B2B e-commerce, we enable buyers to access new suppliers and sellers to find new customers and open new markets. It’s not only easier to do business, it’s less expensive.

Optimize Your Supply-Chain With These Solutions


Transform your e-procurement function into a profit and growth center


Elevate AP with the #1 network solution for automating


Cash gives you early, reliable payments no matter your buyers’ payment terms


Meet the web app that makes virtual corporate credit cards better

This is what transformation looks like

$1 trillion

~2.5 million


3 million+
monthly transactions

Operating in
190+ Countries

Unlock cost savings & efficiencies to help your business grow.

We’ll show you Tradeshift in a live walk-through.