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We digitize trade. A global network of 2.5 million buyers and sellers use our trade technology platform to access supply chain payments, B2B marketplaces, and apps. That’s digital trade at scale. And it’s how you make shift happen.

Everything digital.

No more fake digitalization. Other solutions “cloudify” legacy workflow processes. Tradeshift eliminates them, making digital the default for the orders, invoices, conversations, and other transactions that occur between you and your sellers.


Everything connected.

Unlike other business “networks”, Tradeshift allows many buyers to connect to many sellers. So you get more data, smarter AI, improved efficiency, and—with the network effect—an increasingly resilient supply ecosystem.

Everything apps.

The future doesn’t care how much you invested in your rigid software suite. With Tradeshift apps, you’re not locked in. Build your own apps, integrate with legacy systems, or choose from hundreds of app partners. Continually digitize your supply chain, your way.

Software built for people.

Everything digital.

Connect buying, selling, payments, and vcards. Whether you’re in procurement, payables, or finance, this is your opportunity to evolve and grow.

Supplier solutions

Sell more and get paid faster. If you’re looking for new buyers, as well as better ways to collaborate with your existing ones, we have a payment or marketplace solution that’s right for you.

Leadership built for trust.

#1: Proven leader in solutions for payables automation

Ardent Partners ranks Tradeshift and it’s solutions as best-in-class in the 2019 ePayables Technology Advisor, noting our “modern solution set, dynamic marketplace and platform, and compelling vision.”

Global: Largest global reach of any B2B network, including China

With more than 190+ countries covered, Tradeshift is the one solution you need for your global supply chain. We are also the only global B2B network to have succesfully integrated to the Chinese eFapio system.

Enterprise-proven. Over 500+ customers are making shift happen.

Technology built for adaptability.

Tradeshift isn’t a SaaS company. It isn’t a fintech. It isn’t a network. And it isn’t a B2B marketplace. It is all of those things, unified on a single trade technology platform.


The Tradeshift network is the flexible, connective tissue between buyers and sellers. You get collaborative tools, actionable analytics, expanded connections, and comprehensive transaction digitization.

Ensure your sellers have the cash flow they need to keep supplying your business no matter what happens. With data-driven financing on the Tradeshift platform, sellers can get paid in two days. Every invoice, every time.

ADA is the industry’s first AI based automation layer. It circumvents older technologies such as RPA, instead using network-based data analysis. As a result, it can make decisions on transactions in real-time and automate actions such as invoice approval.

Now sellers can send invoices to all of their customers from one platform. With Babelway, you can create unlimited connections and automate the exchange of documents with your customers.

Keep your options open and your future flexible. Extend the power of Tradeshift with apps like Quyntess for supply chain collaboration, TransferMate to process your payments more quickly, and Coface to manage risk with your suppliers’ portfolio.

Shift happens.

There’s no shortage of environmental problems to be solved. Humanitarian work that needs to be done. Or success to be had. We founded Tradeshift to digitally connect all businesses to each other, so that there can be economic opportunity for all. And more problem-solvers on the case. Digitizing trade is good for your profits. And your purpose.