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Meet Ada, our next-level artificial intelligence and machine learning layer that’s embedded on the Tradeshift platform. Ada assists users by responding to information requests and by providing contextual suggestions at the point-of-task across the platform and beyond.

Improve efficiencies and free up your experts

Ada is the industry’s first AI-based automation layer. She circumvents older technologies such as RPA, using network-based data analysis instead. As a result, ADA can make decisions on transactions in real-time.

Pairs well with people.

AP teams using ADA can gauge her effectiveness against a real person doing the same task. Segment which tasks you want to automate and which tasks to dedicate your human expertise to—right from your Automation Dashboard—helping you improve outcomes like gained efficiency and cost-savings.

Learns quickly.

Ada’s invoice coding functionality is constantly learning from validated historical transactions, even when it is not in use. This allows her to achieve complete, accurately coded documents that are ready for approval and posting in a matter of minutes.

No black boxes.

Ada utilizes machine learning in an approachable way that makes you feel comfortable and in control with a greater degree of automation than the competition—because you have the ability to observe.

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Features and benefits

Faster and more mistake-free invoice processing

Customers of the Tradeshift Pay solution can process tens of thousands of invoices per month with ADA, a labor-intensive and unrewarding task that would otherwise fall to an overburdened payables team. According to Ardent Partners, payables teams spend an average of 24% of their time handling invoice exceptions, while a separate study concludes that 3.6% of invoices entered manually include an error caused by data entry.

Automation at your fingertips

With our Automation Dashboard, it’s fast and easy to delegate work to ADA. And no matter what you give her, she’ll continuously learn and get better, taking on more of the manual, time-consuming work that bogs your employees down, so they can focus on bigger, more value-adding tasks.

Increased flexibility

We built rules in order to enable faster machine learning. Rules provide an additional layer of flexibility and control over AI deployments by enabling users of ADA to apply special conditions when invoices meet a set of given criteria—such as atypical invoices from infrequent vendors, unusually large invoice values, or exceptions to international compliance requirements.

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